Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

I haven't posted in awhile. And I regret that. So many things happen around my pictures that I want to write about because they can't be captured in a photo. Just things the kids do or say or things that I think about. Books I read, songs I hear, quotes I see, and just ideas from me in general. So here we go again. Let's see how well I can keep up with putting my thoughts in writing this time. =) On to the pumpkins.....

Today I decided to venture out with playgroup. I love going, but haven't been going much because it's right during Magdalen's nap time. The flip side to this is that poor Maddox sits at home with me during the other days (when he's not at school) just waiting around for her to wake up. That's no way for a 3 year old boy to live! I knew I would receive payback this evening for missing that nap (I was right!) but this was too good to pass up.

Honeysuckle Hill Farm is AMAZING. They have a corn maze, corn pit, wagon ride (more like a cage ride - ha!), pumpkins, mums, tire swings, tube slides, pig races, and much more. It was worth the small fee to get in.

Here's a shot of Noah J., Rebecca L. and her kids Braden & Kooper, and Kelly P. and her kids Jordyn & Jericho.

Maddox chilling in the corn maze.

Magdalen sweetly and quietly waiting for it to be over. Thankfully a sippy cup is a novelty for her. Keeps her entertained for literally MINUTES. =)

Kooper L. and Miss Magdalen sharing a ride. They had to watch their big brothers run around while they were held. They did great though! We were there for 3.5 hours!

Kooper makes his move. Magdalen's first kiss. 

Maddox's favorite part: PIG RACING! It was quite hilarious. I think "Kevin Bacon" won this round. ;)

Heather J. was kindly showing Maddox how to milk a cow. All the other kids were all over it. He said "No."

Maddox and his buddies. Braden, Maddox, Noah. This is the face that Maddox makes for every posed picture right now. An-NOY-ing.

Noah's little sis, Graceyn, joins the boys.

Strategy meeting for finding the best pumpkins.

These precious little men on the hunt. I love this shot!

Magdalen checks out her very first pumpkin. I think she was impressed.

Showing me the one that he wants to take home. Pumpkin Day is at school tomorrow, so this is perfect timing.

When we arrived at the farm this morning, Maddox was so sweet. Right after I got Magdalen buckled into her stroller, Maddox leaned down and whispered in her ear with his talking-to-Maggie-voice, "And this is your very first pumpkin patch visit today, girl!" My heart was full of love for them right then. He never ceases to amaze me at how in-tune with everything he is, especially with his sister. So caring. And when he whispers to her "You're my kid, Maggie-girl. I love you" and then nuzzles her head with his cheek, I just want to let my tears of joy run free. But now I've run off on a tangent about how wonderful my children are. Sorry. Forgive this proud momma. Here they are in all their glory. =)

A kiss for sister and then telling her about pumpkins.

I love my Tennessee hills! Always so beautiful.

Thanks to Heather for trying to catch a photo of me and my two crazies. I would rather have these shots than two perfect smiles on any day. Sweet babies.

Sweet Graceyn seems very intrigued with everyone's eyes. Especially Magdalen's today. =) I like the finger poking her between the eyes. Haha!

I had a blast watching the kids discover new things and it was GREAT to spend time with friends again. Now I will head to bed with my splitting headache. No rest for children means headaches for mommies at the end of the day.

(Pssst. It's ALL worth it.)


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