Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Oh, So Proud!

Of Chad this time, not the kids. ;)

The nominations have been announced tonight for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. And guess who's on the list? That's right. Chad is on there. TWICE. Look here under Category 1 and Category 2 for his name.

He could possibly win a Grammy Award for Record of the Year AND Album of the Year for work done on Taylor Swift's album. I am so giddy right now. He is celebrating with the whole crew that records with her. I wish I could join in the excitement, but instead, I'm spreading the news from the comfort of my own home. 

I'm proud of you, honey, and I know how much work you've put into this career. A lot. More than most people can imagine. Thank you for making our lives so sweet. (And get me a ticket to the Grammy's, because I'm coming, too!!!)

Congratulations to Taylor, Nathan, Chad, and our other friends who made this album what it is. 

P.S. Did anyone notice Chad's hair in this pic? Just sayin'.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

11 Months and Growing

I'm not exactly sure when she officially turned 11 months old. Magdalen was born on the 31st. Yesterday was the 30th and today is the 1st. I guess she changed over somewhere around midnight? The amazing thing about it is this: today I suddenly saw her as a big girl, not a baby. It really does happen overnight, friends. I've seen it with Maddox many times, but for some reason with Magdalen it hit me hard today. She always seems smaller to me because Maddox is always bigger.

So, it hit me in the face today. I have only four more weeks left until her very first birthday. She is going to be ONE YEAR OLD. She will no longer be "the baby", but will soon turn into "the toddler". I will no longer be able to say to Maddox, "Be careful. She doesn't know......she's just a BABY!" Hhhmmm. I'm sure he'll be glad about that. But, I'm rambling again. Here's to you, Magdalen, and all the things I realized that you can do today.

  • You weighed 22+ pound when I took you to the doc last week.
  • You are around 30 inches tall. 
  • You wear a Size 4 Pampers diaper (and have been in that size since 4 months old. ha!)
  • Your first word that I knew you recognized besides 'Momma' was 'butterflies'. 
  • You like to eat stuffing, tortellini, bananas, pears, green beans, and you love a good bottle.
  • You have been weaned from the breast for 4 weeks now. (That's another future post from me entirely.)
  • You say "Mom-ma", "Dadadada", and you are desperately trying to say "Buhvuh" for brother.
  • You respond to Magdalen, Maggie, Sweet Girl, Baby Girl, Hey Lady, Maggie Mae, Sweet Pea, Magpie
  • You LOVE to dance. It is the most precious thing to see that grin and that booty start to shake at the first sound of a song. Makes me laugh every time. =)
  • You love to carry around Maddox's pretend stethoscope as you scope out the house.
  • You put anything you can on your head just to make me laugh. Cups, spoons, socks, shoes, you name it. It is so funny.
  • You love to hide from me so that I'll play peek-a-boo with you.
  • When you see that I've left a door open or a gate down, you put your head down and start crawling as fast as you can with this hilarious giggle. It gives you away every time. ;)
  • You are so snuggly. 
  • I love how you try to eat my face. It makes me giggle and I know it's your way of loving on me and trying to kiss me back. 
  • You don't take a pacifier or use a lovey of any kind. BUT...for some reason you have this obsession with my hair. When you are tired, sick, just snuggling, or taking a bottle (used to be while nursing), you MUST have my hair in your hand. Recently, you have taken to grabbing handfuls of it on both sides and flinging it around wildly and laughing like a maniac. And today while you are still sick/teething, you just wanted to bury your snotty little nose in it to make yourself happy. And I let you. 
  • You clap sometimes when you're happy.
  • You say "more" in sign language, but not always when I need you to. Work with me here, Girl.
  • You are everywhere in a flash. I'm sure you would win a Crawling Race. 
  • Today I saw you stand by yourself for the very first time. You still have no idea that you were doing it. I wish I had my camera. As always.
  • You like to walk if I hold one or both of your hands and you're getting pretty darn good at it. It won't be long now...
  • You are demanding. Aggressive. You know what you want and don't want. I like that. 
  • You have taken a liking to your daddy this month. I'm so happy for that. Now I see that you don't prefer me over him anymore and that's okay. That's great actually! (He loves it.)
  • You love books. But you like to turn the pages faster than I can read them. 
  • You love mirrors. Most babies do, but you laugh and talk to yourself in them. So sweet.
  • You love Maddox. You adore him. You think everything he does is the greatest. 
  • You giggle when Maddox wrestles with you even when I think he's being too rough. 
  • You can not wait to get your hands on Gretchen. She's not so happy about that. (Please stop trying to pull her hair. She has enough trouble trying to stay away from Maddox right now. )
  • Your eyes are staying that brilliant blue color that shines so brightly. 
  • Your breath smells very sweet and I love it. 
  • You have 7 teeth and an 8th (molar) growing in this week. 
  • You like to wrap up your entire head with a blanket when you fall asleep. It scares me, so every night before I go to bed I sneak into your room, untangle it from your face & body, and throw it in the floor, just in case. 
  • You are my girl and I love you so much it hurts. (The good kind of hurt.) I wish I could scoop you up from your bed tonight and just hold you and your sweaty little self forever. 

This sweet, sweet girl is going to grow and grow and grow. And that's what I hope for. But it's just so hard to watch. Here's to my last four weeks of having a "baby" in my arms. 


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