Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Oh, So Proud!

Of Chad this time, not the kids. ;)

The nominations have been announced tonight for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. And guess who's on the list? That's right. Chad is on there. TWICE. Look here under Category 1 and Category 2 for his name.

He could possibly win a Grammy Award for Record of the Year AND Album of the Year for work done on Taylor Swift's album. I am so giddy right now. He is celebrating with the whole crew that records with her. I wish I could join in the excitement, but instead, I'm spreading the news from the comfort of my own home. 

I'm proud of you, honey, and I know how much work you've put into this career. A lot. More than most people can imagine. Thank you for making our lives so sweet. (And get me a ticket to the Grammy's, because I'm coming, too!!!)

Congratulations to Taylor, Nathan, Chad, and our other friends who made this album what it is. 

P.S. Did anyone notice Chad's hair in this pic? Just sayin'.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

11 Months and Growing

I'm not exactly sure when she officially turned 11 months old. Magdalen was born on the 31st. Yesterday was the 30th and today is the 1st. I guess she changed over somewhere around midnight? The amazing thing about it is this: today I suddenly saw her as a big girl, not a baby. It really does happen overnight, friends. I've seen it with Maddox many times, but for some reason with Magdalen it hit me hard today. She always seems smaller to me because Maddox is always bigger.

So, it hit me in the face today. I have only four more weeks left until her very first birthday. She is going to be ONE YEAR OLD. She will no longer be "the baby", but will soon turn into "the toddler". I will no longer be able to say to Maddox, "Be careful. She doesn't know......she's just a BABY!" Hhhmmm. I'm sure he'll be glad about that. But, I'm rambling again. Here's to you, Magdalen, and all the things I realized that you can do today.

  • You weighed 22+ pound when I took you to the doc last week.
  • You are around 30 inches tall. 
  • You wear a Size 4 Pampers diaper (and have been in that size since 4 months old. ha!)
  • Your first word that I knew you recognized besides 'Momma' was 'butterflies'. 
  • You like to eat stuffing, tortellini, bananas, pears, green beans, and you love a good bottle.
  • You have been weaned from the breast for 4 weeks now. (That's another future post from me entirely.)
  • You say "Mom-ma", "Dadadada", and you are desperately trying to say "Buhvuh" for brother.
  • You respond to Magdalen, Maggie, Sweet Girl, Baby Girl, Hey Lady, Maggie Mae, Sweet Pea, Magpie
  • You LOVE to dance. It is the most precious thing to see that grin and that booty start to shake at the first sound of a song. Makes me laugh every time. =)
  • You love to carry around Maddox's pretend stethoscope as you scope out the house.
  • You put anything you can on your head just to make me laugh. Cups, spoons, socks, shoes, you name it. It is so funny.
  • You love to hide from me so that I'll play peek-a-boo with you.
  • When you see that I've left a door open or a gate down, you put your head down and start crawling as fast as you can with this hilarious giggle. It gives you away every time. ;)
  • You are so snuggly. 
  • I love how you try to eat my face. It makes me giggle and I know it's your way of loving on me and trying to kiss me back. 
  • You don't take a pacifier or use a lovey of any kind. BUT...for some reason you have this obsession with my hair. When you are tired, sick, just snuggling, or taking a bottle (used to be while nursing), you MUST have my hair in your hand. Recently, you have taken to grabbing handfuls of it on both sides and flinging it around wildly and laughing like a maniac. And today while you are still sick/teething, you just wanted to bury your snotty little nose in it to make yourself happy. And I let you. 
  • You clap sometimes when you're happy.
  • You say "more" in sign language, but not always when I need you to. Work with me here, Girl.
  • You are everywhere in a flash. I'm sure you would win a Crawling Race. 
  • Today I saw you stand by yourself for the very first time. You still have no idea that you were doing it. I wish I had my camera. As always.
  • You like to walk if I hold one or both of your hands and you're getting pretty darn good at it. It won't be long now...
  • You are demanding. Aggressive. You know what you want and don't want. I like that. 
  • You have taken a liking to your daddy this month. I'm so happy for that. Now I see that you don't prefer me over him anymore and that's okay. That's great actually! (He loves it.)
  • You love books. But you like to turn the pages faster than I can read them. 
  • You love mirrors. Most babies do, but you laugh and talk to yourself in them. So sweet.
  • You love Maddox. You adore him. You think everything he does is the greatest. 
  • You giggle when Maddox wrestles with you even when I think he's being too rough. 
  • You can not wait to get your hands on Gretchen. She's not so happy about that. (Please stop trying to pull her hair. She has enough trouble trying to stay away from Maddox right now. )
  • Your eyes are staying that brilliant blue color that shines so brightly. 
  • Your breath smells very sweet and I love it. 
  • You have 7 teeth and an 8th (molar) growing in this week. 
  • You like to wrap up your entire head with a blanket when you fall asleep. It scares me, so every night before I go to bed I sneak into your room, untangle it from your face & body, and throw it in the floor, just in case. 
  • You are my girl and I love you so much it hurts. (The good kind of hurt.) I wish I could scoop you up from your bed tonight and just hold you and your sweaty little self forever. 

This sweet, sweet girl is going to grow and grow and grow. And that's what I hope for. But it's just so hard to watch. Here's to my last four weeks of having a "baby" in my arms. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Honeysuckle Hill Farm

I haven't posted in awhile. And I regret that. So many things happen around my pictures that I want to write about because they can't be captured in a photo. Just things the kids do or say or things that I think about. Books I read, songs I hear, quotes I see, and just ideas from me in general. So here we go again. Let's see how well I can keep up with putting my thoughts in writing this time. =) On to the pumpkins.....

Today I decided to venture out with playgroup. I love going, but haven't been going much because it's right during Magdalen's nap time. The flip side to this is that poor Maddox sits at home with me during the other days (when he's not at school) just waiting around for her to wake up. That's no way for a 3 year old boy to live! I knew I would receive payback this evening for missing that nap (I was right!) but this was too good to pass up.

Honeysuckle Hill Farm is AMAZING. They have a corn maze, corn pit, wagon ride (more like a cage ride - ha!), pumpkins, mums, tire swings, tube slides, pig races, and much more. It was worth the small fee to get in.

Here's a shot of Noah J., Rebecca L. and her kids Braden & Kooper, and Kelly P. and her kids Jordyn & Jericho.

Maddox chilling in the corn maze.

Magdalen sweetly and quietly waiting for it to be over. Thankfully a sippy cup is a novelty for her. Keeps her entertained for literally MINUTES. =)

Kooper L. and Miss Magdalen sharing a ride. They had to watch their big brothers run around while they were held. They did great though! We were there for 3.5 hours!

Kooper makes his move. Magdalen's first kiss. 

Maddox's favorite part: PIG RACING! It was quite hilarious. I think "Kevin Bacon" won this round. ;)

Heather J. was kindly showing Maddox how to milk a cow. All the other kids were all over it. He said "No."

Maddox and his buddies. Braden, Maddox, Noah. This is the face that Maddox makes for every posed picture right now. An-NOY-ing.

Noah's little sis, Graceyn, joins the boys.

Strategy meeting for finding the best pumpkins.

These precious little men on the hunt. I love this shot!

Magdalen checks out her very first pumpkin. I think she was impressed.

Showing me the one that he wants to take home. Pumpkin Day is at school tomorrow, so this is perfect timing.

When we arrived at the farm this morning, Maddox was so sweet. Right after I got Magdalen buckled into her stroller, Maddox leaned down and whispered in her ear with his talking-to-Maggie-voice, "And this is your very first pumpkin patch visit today, girl!" My heart was full of love for them right then. He never ceases to amaze me at how in-tune with everything he is, especially with his sister. So caring. And when he whispers to her "You're my kid, Maggie-girl. I love you" and then nuzzles her head with his cheek, I just want to let my tears of joy run free. But now I've run off on a tangent about how wonderful my children are. Sorry. Forgive this proud momma. Here they are in all their glory. =)

A kiss for sister and then telling her about pumpkins.

I love my Tennessee hills! Always so beautiful.

Thanks to Heather for trying to catch a photo of me and my two crazies. I would rather have these shots than two perfect smiles on any day. Sweet babies.

Sweet Graceyn seems very intrigued with everyone's eyes. Especially Magdalen's today. =) I like the finger poking her between the eyes. Haha!

I had a blast watching the kids discover new things and it was GREAT to spend time with friends again. Now I will head to bed with my splitting headache. No rest for children means headaches for mommies at the end of the day.

(Pssst. It's ALL worth it.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hose Man Strikes Again!

Oh no, you say? Oh YES!!!

I know everyone will think I made this story up, it just seems so crazy after what happened on Friday. But friends, I could not make this stuff up. I'm sorry. Here goes: 

A lazy Sunday morning, everything's going great. Baby girl had taken a great morning nap, we were all showered and ready to head out the door at a decent time. We decided to have brunch at Mimi's Cafe down the road, just for something fun to do. Brunch was great. Manners were great. Food stayed on the plate, that's always a plus. Then we headed to Kroger.

We arrived at the grocery store and I was excited. You see, Chad does NOT like grocery shopping together. I think he thinks it's a waste of time. Like, why should we go together if one of us could be doing something else productive? But for me, it's just another normal way to spend time as a family. =)

Magdalen was in her carseat in the cart and I took charge of Maddox while Chad drove the cart. We had gone down about 3 aisles when Maddox said those dreaded words, "Mommy, I need to go potty." Well, darn it. I had just been in there myself and didn't want to go again, must less take him. 

Horrible, I know, but I still have germ-a-phobia. I've tried so hard just to zone out when I have to help him in the public restroom setting. I don't want to think about what he's touching, I just try to focus on the fact that we WILL wash & scrub and then wash & scrub our hands some more. And then we WILL NOT touch the door on the way out, or by golly, we will wash & scrub again!!  I feel badly, as if I'm putting some irrational fear into him about public spaces, but I truly just can't help myself. Some uncontrollable force takes over inside me and I become Psycho Germ-a-phobe Mom. 

ANYWAY. We're still working on the technique out in public, and have had many successes along with a few minor mishaps. Today was an exception. A HUGE exception. Wow. 

We head to the bathroom, no big deal, and go into the biggest stall available. This is for my purposes only, the farther away the walls are from the toilet, the less likely he is to touch anything. (I know.....crazy.) I help him get ready to sit on the toilet and decide to let him sit sideways because of that weird break in the seat. It's never child-friendly. Well, let's just say I made a huge mistake, but I learned something today. 

I learned how "Hose Man" was born. 

As I held him over the seat, I was looking down to make sure I had him on there right. Before I was ready, hose man was ready. Immediately, he was peeing on his hair, across the stall, on his pants, while I am trying to dodge it and saying "Stop peeing. Stop peeing. Wait!!!" 

What can I say? I panicked. I thought he stopped for a second and I stood him up on the ground facing me and he started again. In my panicked, what-the-heck-do-I-do state, I just watched him pee all over the floor (and my pants leg) as I backed up against the far side of the stall and waited for it to end. (HORROR, I KNOW.) He then proceeded to say, "Oh no! Look Mommy, it's even on your pants" which I didn't know until he so kindly pointed it out. And then with a sheepish does-Mommy-think-that-was-funny-or-NOT look, he also quietly said, "I guess I decided to be a hose man again." Looking back, I laugh. 

He had soaked his jeans, his undies, and his Crocs. There was a puddle of pee on the floor big enough to jump in and make a splash. What would you do? I dug out my cell phone and called Chad. No answer. Of course, his phone was in the car. I couldn't leave Maddox in there alone, but I couldn't just take his clothes off and carry him naked through a grocery store!! 

So, I walked out the door and found an employee and asked for a bag for his clothes and told them there was an "accident'' that needed cleaning. I came back and realized that Maddox had followed me across the entire bathroom with his pants around his ankles and had made an even further mess. I got mad because he had moved when I told him not to, which I apologized for later. I can't expect a 3 year old to stand there like that while I walk to the door. I brought in paper towels to try and do my duty of clean-up. They were no match for that mess. So then I laid fresh paper towels down on the floor and had him sit down so I could get his dirty attire off. 

Then I had to figure out how to get him to the car. I put his half wet undies back on him, wrapped his dirty pants & shoes in the bag and had to carry him stretched flat out on his stomach like Superman through the grocery store. Are you picturing this yet? 

As I carried him very quickly, looking down each aisle for my husband & daughter, I almost started laughing. We were a sight to behold, I'm sure. When I finally spotted Chad, I yelled his name and I wish I had a picture of his face when he turned around and saw us. He totally started laughing and I just yelled (while straining under the weight of Maddox's body), "We'll be in the car!!!" Chad just calmly said "okay", chuckled, and turned around to continue shopping. 

I kept waiting for someone to stop me as I carried Superboy out the door. I'm sure we looked suspicious. We got outside and I reached in my bag and realized that I didn't have my keys. Really. Thankfully, this is when I truly started laughing and saw the plastic chairs they sell outside. Maddox and I sat down and had a nice, hot rest while waiting on Chad & Maggie girl. 

You know, they say you learn something new every day. I'm just wishing it was once a week. =)

Friday, June 26, 2009

My "Hose" Man

 Let me start the story by saying that I'm sick. I'm not sure what it is yet, but my teeth ache (usually the sign of a sinus infection for me), my head hurts, my nose is very stuffy, and my whole body just aches. (And no, that's not from the Zumba class I did this week.) Magdalen was sick first. Then me, and now we wake up today and Maddox is sick. Yippee. 

Chad heads off to work with me saying "I just want to cry, honey" because I know this day is going to be rough. But what does crying do? Nothing. So, as a Mom, you just suck it up and go on with life. 

I had a million errands to do. I ran to Hobby Lobby to buy fabric for a craft for Sabbath School tomorrow. (Joseph and his crazy coat). We went through drive-thru at Taco Bell because I'm just too sick to find food and too sick to go grocery shopping right now. We came home and after lunch I somehow (praise Jesus) got them down for a nap/quiet time at the SAME TIME. I actually think I slept for a total of 45 minutes, with interruptions every 15 minutes. But hey! At least I slept. 

After nap time, I was feeling like I might be able to finish my errands. Magdalen was fed and all I needed to do was get her downstairs and in her car seat. I told Maddox to put his shoes on and stand right by the door and wait. What was I thinking? That he would be standing there when I rounded the stair banister? Of course not, silly Amanda. Let's just blame it on being sick, shall we? What I found when I came down was no Maddox. I called for him and he said, "I DO have to pee, Mommy!" I'm not one to stop a 3 year old from using the toilet before errands, so I waited. 

As I was messing with Magdalen's car seat buckles, I heard Maddox say "Help me." This wasn't out of the ordinary because we hear this a lot when he waits too long to head to the bathroom. I turned around and saw him with his pants around his knees. I asked if he had peed yet. He said yes. So, I came over to help him pull his pants back up and he says it again..."Help me." I looked up and was very confused. The hair on his forehead was soaking wet and it was dripping down his face a little. He kept pushing his hair to the side. I said, "Buddy! What did you do?" Here's what he said:

"I peed on my hair!!!" 

Now, I'm sorry. I have never thought of such a thing I guess, because I'm a girl. My first reaction was horror. Mainly because we were literally about to walk out the door. My second reaction was to laugh my head off. I started laughing and then it got even better. 

I said, "Dude...your pee comes out way down there and your hair is way up here. How did you do that?!?!" And my second favorite quote of the day was him saying in a dead serious tone, "Well, I sat down on the potty and starting peeing and I guess I just decided to be a hose man!" (WHAT?!?! I almost fell on the floor laughing at that one.)

To horrify you even more, I will openly admit that we didn't have time to change, much less bathe, so I scrubbed his head with a paper towel, washed his hands and face and off we went to run errands. I know it's not the Amanda you think you know, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I am desperately sick and only have two hands and 24 hours in a day. We had to buy a wedding gift for our nanny's shower tomorrow evening, pick up Gretchen at the groomer, get gas since my gas light came on while out, and pick up Panera for supper. Another meal out.

As we got in the car and I was almost crying because I was still laughing so hard, he said to me, "Mommy. You know I love you EVEN when I'm mad at you. I'm always loving you." Now that my friends, is worthy of "Favorite Quote" status. I love this kid. I love him enough to go out in public looking like white trash. Me un-showered, Magdalen with a gross runny nose, and Maddox with gross runny nose and PEE HEAD. I was just praying that he wouldn't tell anyone while we were out.

It comes and goes though. While holding a fussy Magdalen and getting him in bed for the night, he got mad at me and screamed, "You're stupid!" I asked him where he had heard that at because I promise you we don't use those words. He had no answer and went to bed. We'll just blame it on being sick again, right? =) The day is over. The house is a wreck. But Maddox is bathed and he and his sister are sleeping sweetly.

Sweet dreams, my little man. I love you even when I'm mad at you. =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Around the House in February

Some of my favorite moments on camera from the beginning of February. Maddox just turned 3 and Magdalen just turned 1 month. Cuties!

Computer usage starts early nowadays. Blessing and a curse.

Already sharing with sister. Notice the Little Debbie Matchbox car on her chest. Maddox kindly placed it there because he thought she wanted to play. =)

Sweetly sleeping. Her darling sheets from Grandma Marlene and her fluffy pink blanket from Jackie (Degrave) Duffy. Love it!

Watching Brother play. So content.

"This is Dusty." From Handy Manny. Don't you know?

Fell asleep watching me and Maddox play.

Her adorable little pink & green elephant outfit.....from me! 

Another of my favorite outfits (from me again) that I bought for her and Chad. =)

Pink blanket that Maddox gave her the day she was born. She sleeps with it every night. 

Funny story here. I was trying to get out the door to go somewhere. As usual, I wasn't prepared beforehand. I was racing around the house looking for diapers, wipes, phone, keys, shoes, etc. and Magdalen was trying to scream in her car seat. I was yelling down to Maddox to "give her the paci and rock her chair, Buddy!" and he so graciously did. And with the softest little voice to go along with it. "It's okay, Maggie. Here's your paci."PRECIOUS BOY. You can see him rocking with his right hand and paci-ing with his left. 

I guess she liked it. Haha!

As hard and long as my days are, these two together still make me laugh and beam at the end of the worst ones. I love them more than they will every know.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Maddox's 3rd Birthday (Actual Weekend) 1.31.09-2.1.09

Maddox, Magdalen and myself were in Chattanooga for Precious Man's 3rd birthday. He was still overcome by the whole "I'm a big brother now" idea and a birthday was sort of second to that. He needed the attention. We were already planning a party for later, but we had a little one for him at Mom's house. Here are the pics of the day he turned three! And yes, like every mom, I couldn't believe it had gone by so fast. That pretty much goes without saying, right?

Maddox & Me. My cousin, Ryan, and his son, Xander. 

Hot dogs and Cheetos. What more could a birthday boy want?

Sister Magdalen made a short appearance. This was her one month birthday. She doesn't look so thrilled with all the commotion. 

Xander & Ryan again. Xander is like a Mini Ryan. Reminds me SO MUCH of him when we were kids. 

Ahlfeld's showed up so Kaden could play with Maddox. Micheal, Kaden, and Shawn eating here.

Blowing out his THREE CANDLES on the impromptu Handy Manny Cake. This kind of cake would usually annoy me, but his face lit up so bright when he saw Handy Manny that I was glad I grabbed it at Wal-mart. Very last minute. 

Micheal Ahlfeld using peer pressure. "Come on, Maddox, lick all that frosting. Mommy won't care."

Then Micheal handed him a spoon to eat frosting with! Maddox is laughing because I kept saying "Micheal. Stop it! He's going to get sick!" And Micheal just kept on...

Makes me sick just looking at all that icing. But, he was a happy birthday boy with all attention on him. =)

Kaden thought the whole exchange was hilarious also.

Maddox opened up some very sweet, cute gifts with Kaden's help. And then they played with the new trucks in the kitchen floor. Or should I say, they did siren screams and raced the new fire trucks on the floor, and were giggling like maniacs. They had a blast!

Josh & Becky were sad to miss Maddox's birthday, but they had sent a package up for him. He got to open it while they watched on Gmail chat. That was really nice and Maddox was so happy to show them his gifts. 

A tired mommy of a newborn and 3 year old and a happy, happy birthday boy. 

Steve kept Magdalen down in the office while she slept on the ottoman so that the focus from everyone else could actually be on Maddox and his birthday. Thank you, Steve!

On his actual birthday, I got some pictures of him outside. Just him being three.

He kept wanting to hide his train in the leaves. He thought that was so great. Haha!

My big boy.

Humoring me by looking up a little.

And last but not least, he said that I had to take a picture of his train for him. Here it is.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!! I love you and am so proud of the little man you are growing up to be. A wonderful son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, and lately, an amazingly intelligent, mature big brother with a heart of gold. I have watched with happy tears in my eyes as you've taken in your baby sister and never once acted rude or mean to her. We couldn't ask for more and thank God for you every day. =)


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