Sunday, January 02, 2011

And Ending and a Beginning

This might be my shortest post ever, but I have a NEW BLOG. I've enjoyed this one so much and will not be deleting it because there are posts on here that mean a lot to me. For many reasons, it was time to move on and start fresh in my memory/life sharing with you.

Please continue peeking into our lives at my new site: Magda Row

There will many new photos, stories, and exciting events popping up over there. So, head over to the Row now! :)

(To subscribe to Magda Row by email subscription, please click on the above link. Look on the right side of Magda Row's screen and click on a little orange square box. That is the RSS feed. It will pop up a subscription form where you enter your email. You will only receive blog updates from Magda Row as I post new items. Make sure and check your email after you complete this step to verify your email address. Thanks for following us!)

Love, Amanda Carlson


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