Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Magdalen Leigh's First Photos

Chad and I were so excited when she arrived. Everything truly went so smoothly, we felt so blessed. 

I was obviously on an adrenaline rush, because here I was lying there while the doctor "finished up" and taking pictures of Chad with Maggie. This is the NICU team checking her. There was meconium involved (look it up if you don't know - I won't explain it here) and they were there to make sure it had not gone into her mouth/nose. She was as healthy as could be.

My second time to hold my daughter. First time since she was all cleaned up. Looks just like Maddox's hospital pictures here.

Chad did get to cut the umbilical cord, but this may have been the first time he really got to hold her. 

She was so wide-eyed and alert from the very beginning. Such a precious girl.

First family shot, without Maddox. 

Another pic of Maggie with her Daddy.

I love this scrunched up face shot.

Maggie meets Nana. Mom had just rushed back to the hospital from putting Maddox to bed (Steve stayed at the house with him) when Maggie was born. 

Dad & Donna arrived a little later. Here Maggie gets to meet Nonna. 

Me in a tired daze as she screams her head off. =) Another wonderful cycle of life begins....

New Year's Eve 2008 - Last Minute Surprise

Our family had just said good-bye the day before to Chris, Heather, Abby, & Ben as they flew home to Idaho. Maddox and I were having a relaxing day at home together. My dear friend, Cindy, called me. 

Cindy: Amanda! How are you feeling? Do you think you still have time to have Maggie this year?
Me: Nope. I'm just not feeling it. Nothing's happening. I'm going to miss that tax break by a day or so.
Cindy: Aw man. Oh well. She'll come when she's ready. Make sure and let me know. 
Me: I will. She'll probably be a week or so late like Maddox was!

And that's pretty much how our conversation went, comparing our current pregnancies, talking about our plans, etc. This was around 11am. Less than 2 hours later, contractions started. =)

I won't go into all the boring details, but let's just say that labor went quickly, smoothly, and painfully. I barely made the epidural before it was too late. I never thought I'd be the type to be yelling in the delivery room, but there I was! Praying very loudly "Oh God PLEASE HELP ME!"or "Help me, somebody....please!" or "Oh God, I can't do this!" over and over and over. Haha! It totally makes me laugh now. I just about slapped the CRNA when he kept asking me questions that I wasn't coherent enough to understand or answer. Not because of any drugs, but because of the intense pain. A much different experience than having Maddox. 

The worst part of the whole labor (before Mom arrived) was that Maddox was in the room with us during that painful time. I felt so bad and I wanted to yell out in pain, but I just saw his sweet little face sitting over in the chair and I just had to turn my head, bite my lip, and groan into my pillow. He was such a trooper. Thankfully, Mom showed up 2 hours after I was admitted and the first thing I said was "Please. Get him out of here now". I was so afraid for him to see me in that much pain. He is such a sensitive little guy, he would have thought about it for days. 

Anyway, our precious baby girl, Magdalen Leigh, was born exactly 4 hours & 37 minutes after I was admitted to the hospital that evening. Mom & Steve, Josh & Becky, and Dad & Donna all made it there within a few hours of her birth. It was a very special time. Here are a few first pictures. 

Maddox finally getting  a late dinner - Taco Bell - in the waiting room. After this, Mom & Steve took him back to our house and put him to bed. (Maggie was born shortly after he went to bed so he didn't meet her until the next day, New Year's Day 2009.)

Me after getting the epidural. Sweet relief  kicked in after about 2-3 minutes. 

With both kids, I had severe shivering from the epidural. I had to be covered in blankets. 

First picture of the princess. She was a healthy 9/9 on the Apgar. 8 lbs, 3 ounces, 21.5 inches.

She wasn't really into having her photo taken at this point. =) 

Thanks to Maggie, we had an impromptu New Year's Eve get together at the hospital with our family. The best New Year's Eve I've ever had. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Jump Zone - Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas, while Chad's family was still here, we were feeling a little cabin fever with 3 kids in the house. The weather was just ugly outside and freezing cold so we headed to a Jump Zone near our house. We had never been there and were actually the only people that were there in the beginning. We pretty much had the place to ourselves almost the entire time.

The kids had a blast and so did Heather, Chris, and Chad. Haha! I wanted to jump so badly, but I'll just make sure to have fun next time. 

Maddox was a little intimidated by how big the blow-up slides and bounce houses were, so he mainly just played with the toys they had. He was just as happy. =)

You have to click on this next picture of Chad and Chris going down this slide together. When it's blown up larger, you can totally see their expressions and it's PRICELESS!!!! Hahaha! I laughed so hard when I saw what I had captured. 

That evening we went to Bricks Pizza for dinner. It was Marlene and Larry's last night there.

Ben, Heather, Chris

Marlene, Abby (celebrating her 9th birthday early with us), and Larry

We had a great time with everyone and had a great December overall!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008!!!

Maddox was soooo excited to wake up on Christmas morning. It was so adorable when the first thing he said was "Are Abby & Ben here at our house yet?" I was so happy to finally be able to say yes. 

Abby & Ben are his only first cousins so far and he LOVES to see them. 

Here's Ben patiently waiting for the presents to begin.

Maddox wanted to "read" the names and play Santa by handing them out.

Here are Chris, Larry, and Marlene receiving gifts from "Santa."

Abby & Ben enjoying their new loot.

Chad and I got Maddox a little keyboard since he LOVES to play the "pie-ano."

Chad and his gift from me. The only thing he actually asked for. His Blackberry Storm. Finally, I could stop hearing how he "needed" one. ;)

Aunt Heather got Maddox the cutest superhero cape with an "M" for Maddox. SO CUTE!

Ben got Legos and is a whiz at them. 

Last but not least, I got Heather in here. Here are her and Chris enjoying some of their new gadgets. Don't they look like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning? haha!

No pictures of me, but I was there! Big as a house, but that's okay. Our last Christmas with just Maddox. I was so glad that Maggie didn't make her appearance until after this. I was thankful that we got to spend one last holiday with Maddox, before things got a little crazy. =)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Chad's Mom and Larry were already at our house. We were awaiting the arrival of Chris (his brother), Heather, Abby, and Ben late that night. They flew in around 10:30 that evening.

Maddox obviously had to go to bed before that, so before they go there we let him put out the milk & cookies for Santa and read the Christmas story to us.

He had the choice for me OR him to read the story. He chose to read. ;) It was the most adorable thing listening to his version of Baby Jesus and the manger, etc. Thankfully, we got it on video. 

Then he got to pick out a cookie to leave for Santa! 

We let him pick two gingerbread men: one for himself and one for Santa

And here's the pre-crying shot. He wanted the second one so much. =(

Next he poured the milk for Santa to have with his cookie.

So proud of himself!

Larry did the honors and played Santa after Maddox went to bed.

Shortly after, Chad headed to the airport and happily brought home the rest of the crew. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas with Nana & Papaw (Mom & Steve)

Mom & Steve came up to celebrate Christmas the weekend before the actual day. They came up on Friday and then we opened gifts together on Saturday night. We had a really great time, even though I always miss the huge celebrations with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and brother when we celebrate early. This season has always been the highlight of my year!!

Mom getting Maddox ready to go out on the deck to play with his new basketball goal.

Maddox posing with his Nana & Papaw.

Chad did all the grocery shopping/meal planning for me, so this was him heading back on Sunday morning from Sam's. His Mom and Larry arrived that same afternoon, so we were rushing to wash sheets, clean towels, get more food stocked, etc.

Steve enjoying a good meal. 

Mom outside playing basketball with Maddox on our deck.

Maddox in front of the loot the night before. I must say, he was a very patient little guy. 

Precious baby face.

A rare shot where he stopped moving for 2 seconds and smiled. This was about 1.5 weeks before Maggie was born. He had no idea it was all about to change at this point. ;)

Thanks to Mom & Steve for yet another wonderful Christmas celebration. 

Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Ride in the New Wagon

Maddox received a new Radio Flyer - ATW Wagon for Christmas, from Papa Will & Nonna. I personally couldn't wait to get him out in it, but alas, I was too large to pull it around. The week after we received it, Chad bundled Maddox up and took him for a drive around the neighborhood. 

Here they are walking in front of our house.

Maddox all bundled up, ready to go. 

We are really loving our neighborhood!! Thankfully, we live on a circle, so there's hardly any traffic. Just our neighbors, and most of them have small children so they tend to drive very slowly and carefully when the kids are outside. Peace of mind now, so Maddox can run to the mailbox without me yelling at him the whole time! =)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cookie Decorating!

As I've said before, Maddox is currently part of a great Sabbath school class at church. They have tried to plan some great activities for the kids and parents to do together. For December, we got together at the church on a VERY rainy day and decorated cookies for Christmas. 

It was the first time that Maddox had done this before. (I know....bad Mommy.) He wasn't even sure what to do with all the sweets, except he kept just wanting to eat them. What should I have expected?!

He was very excited after trying his very first mini-marshmallow. =)

He was very proud of his first decorated cookie, which he proceeded to eat before I could pack it away to take home. Oh well!

A picture of the kids and their helpers. 

He started eating it while I was taking pictures and not paying attention. 

We are so happy the Kirk & Rebecca moved back with their kiddos, Braden & Kooper. Braden & Maddox are 9 months apart and Kooper & Maggie will be about 9 or 10 months apart. Braden & Maddox get along great together and enjoy playing. It's so nice for me to have ONE old friend in town. =)

Lillybeth wore her apron just like Maddox did. She is too cute!!!

Heather and her son, Noah. He might just be one of the sweetest little boys that I've ever met. So polite!!!

"Clean my hands, please, Mommy!"

We drove to Rebecca's house afterwards and had a long afternoon of train playing with the boys. Well, she and I chatted about old friends while the boys entertained themselves. It was a successful day in the life of a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom for those of you who don't know the lingo. haha!)


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