Friday, September 05, 2008


I have always been a collector of quotes, and especially special excerpts from books. I love to read. I wish there was a better way to describe how I feel about reading, but maybe 'I devour books' is the most accurate way for now. my point. I write the quotes/excerpts down, tear them out of magazines, email them to myself, etc. and sometimes forget they are there. As I was packing for this next move, I came across a folder of some that I have kept and forgotten about. I tore it from a magazine over 3 years ago because it totally reminded me of Chad when I read it. I get so excited when someone else has the right words to describe an aspect of my life. I thought I might share this one, and you can get a glimpse of how Chad and I work together....after 9 years of marriage (11 years together).

The following words are excerpted from Riding in the Shadows of Saints: A Woman's Story of Motorcycling the Mormon Trail, by Jana Richman (released in July 2005):

"It is my style when I'm worried to alarm all friends and family and try to get them to worry along with me. It seldom works, particularly with my husband. He is remarkably sure about my ability to handle things; he simply assumes I'll figure it out. I never know whether to be angry or flattered. Part of me wants him to panic along with me and express his undying love and concern about my safety, and the other part wants exactly what he gives: calm and confidence. After 15 years, I've started to use his reaction as a reality check on my own emotions. If I hear the smallest amount of concern in his voice, then I know my problem is huge and potentially fatal. Otherwise I know I've blown things out of proportion to the actual element of danger involved."

Okay, wow. That is us. We are perfectly matched for each other and God TOTALLY knew what he was doing when he put us together. I'm just glad we listened.


baby Helena's mom said...

you're so cool. seriously, i'm not kidding or making fun. thank you for sharing with your adoring fans!!!

Alisa said...

So beautiful. I love that you 'devour' books. =) And I love that you save quotes. I didn't know that!! I love quotes as well, and that one is perfect. I'm glad you and Chad are such an amazing couple!


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