Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Room Tour: Sweet Woodlands Nursery

Here it is. What (some of) you have been waiting for. Well, at least a peek.

In the past year and a half, many of you have personally asked me to send you pictures of our newest home. And I think that those of you who asked have either finally visited us here or have given up asking for pictures. I'm so sorry it has taken me so long.

I hesitated to post pictures of our new home for this reason. It seems sort of like "showing off" what you have. But as I look at other sites and blogs and personal friends' pictures of their homes, I realize that it doesn't have to seem like that! I genuinely enjoy seeing where other people live and how they decorate. I realize not everyone cares, but it's something I'm interested in. So now I will share a little snippet for starters.

Also, I AM proud of Chad and what he has worked hard to provide for me and the kids. And I truly, deep, deep down, feel that God has blessed us with the life that we have. We have lived in our dream home (for us) for a year and a half's a peek. :)

My first room tour will be: Magdalen's Sweet Woodlands Nursery

And, oh, how special this room is to me.

And it always will be.

If you have a child, then you know that the first room you had for your baby will always be special in your heart. It's where you learn who your child is, what their cries sound like, maybe their first giggle on the changing table, watch them play on the rug, and where you will quickly wear in that rocking chair with thousands of minutes rocking, back and forth.

This is the room where I nursed my baby for the majority of a year, where I held her when she had night terrors, where I would rock her in my arms as we both cried, where her sweet Brother would lay his head on the rocking chair arm to love on her little head, and where I would go to just sit and enjoy the calm of holding her sweaty, sleeping body to mine.

All the things that we went through to have this child in our arms *almost* vanished from memory when we brought her home to this room. {That will be a post for another day soon.}

And here is a glimpse of what will be engraved in my memory when I always think of my sweet girl as a baby.

Butterfly mobile (Pottery Barn Kids) - baby gift from Mom

Bedding from the Brooke Collection at Pottery Barn Kids - baby gift from my Mom

Lambie from Serena & Lily - from me for her 1st birthday
Crocheted blanket from my Senior English teacher, Miss Conerly 
(She sleeps with both of these items every. single. night.)

Butterflies (PBK) - from Grandma Marlene
Changing table, free from a friend
Green storage totes from PBK
Lamp from Target
Wooden handpainted frame - from my friend, Ashley B.

Random frames from Hobby Lobby 
(Magdalen rips the picture out, so I'll just leave it until she's older.)

Lamp from Target (pretty cheesy and not my style, but I couldn't help myself with the double layer shade and the owls!)
Piggy bank was mine as a child

Our reading/snuggling corner. :)

Hot pink rocker from Once Upon A Child
Bird pillow from Walmart (who knew?)
Owl pillow, quilt, & rug from the Brooke collection (PBK) - from Mom
Dollhouse bookshelf from Target

Monogrammed bag holding her first soft (fabric) tea set (PBK) - from Dad & Donna
Fabric cupcake set (PBK) - from me

Fabric birdhouse w/ 3 little birds (PBK) from Magdalen's Aunt Heather  - this is one of her favorite toys!
This Little Piggy Went To Prada book from Aunt Heather
Fabric 3 layer cake on the right (PBK) - from Mom

Soft dollhouse with accessories/people inside (PBK) - gift from Mom

Fabric chicken & chicks (PBK) - from us
Felt storage house (PBK) - from us

So, now that I've gone through the list of the things that make this room so special, I see that I should be a walking talking advertisement for Pottery Barn Kids. Sheesh. I don't usually like matchy-matchy rooms, but when you're hugely pregnant & taking care of a 2.5 year old all day, you just pick what you love and roll with it. :) 

I also was very against a pink room. I can (obviously) handle punches of pink, but no way was I going to force it on her. We went with the palest, most feminine blue I could find and I'm in love with the color. I wish I could portray to you how calming this room is because of that. And bright! I have to have bright rooms or I will go insane. (Ask Chad, because he's the EXACT OPPOSITE.) 

Anyway, I'm happy with it. Magdalen is happy with it. And most importantly of all, she has a bed. She has a home. She has many loving arms that have held her. I really couldn't ask for more for her little life right now. 

Our precious, Magdalen, at 4 months old while I was taking her picture for her announcements. Better late than never, right? I miss those chubby rolls and squishy cheeks!!

Here is that sweet boy I talk so much about. Our Maddox. He is the absolute sweetest big brother that I have ever seen in all my life. He loves her so much it truly amazes me. I love pictures like this where they are just snuggling or happy to be together. If my heart could, it would be singing a joyful song!

So there you have it. A look into our home and the smallest bedroom in the house, where our baby girl lays her perfect little head each night. :)

(P.S. My friend, Cindy, told me a few weeks ago that she dreamed that I lived in a huge, huge house. I laughed out loud. And so did my mother. I'm not sure why she pictured that, but now she'll see that we are normal house people.  Haha!)


Maggie Whitley {Gussy} said...

I love her little bedroom :) Especially the red reading chair!!!

greenchickadee said...

It is so sweet! For the same reasons I love seeing friends homes! Looking forward to seeing more of your home!
Such sweet memories of babies...they grow up too fast for me!

baby Helena's mom said...

Amanda...first of all--super excited that your Gussy friend commented on your blog! Congratulations!

secondly--I LOVE Maggie's room. I ache to have a finished room in my house. Someday...I'll live vicariously through you until then.

lastly--I. MISS. YOU.

Kelly C. said...

It's adorable! Yea, I'm in the same boat as Cindy..finished rooms in my house? That's funny!
Great job on decorating!! Can you work your magic on mine?

Alisa said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! I am definitley going to be using some of these ideas for my girls' room (whenever we get to that part of the renovating...)! =)

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love it. So cute!

Samantha Drake said...

Would you want to sell this bedding if you still have it? Pottery barn does not have it available anymore.


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