Saturday, October 18, 2008

Backyard Camping

Chad had been dying to "camp" in the backyard with Maddox since we moved. So, since we had a bunch of stuff going on around the house that weekend and no real time to go set up and actually do that...Chad set up the tent, etc, during the day one Sabbath and they hung out.

The set-up. Complete with chairs, tent, and sleeping bag inside. 

Kicking the ball around a little on the patio.

Playing more ball around the tent. (I'm actually amazed at how well he can kick like he's playing soccer at 2 years old.)

What more can you ask for in a tent? Somewhere to lay down, your juice cup, and a Thomas magazine (catalog)!!

Hold still for a picture, please. =)

Okay, now you'll see a few pictures that show Mr. Maddox's imagination. He is hilarious! He's always wanting to make us pretend food. His favorite is burritos. Not sure why, but that's his pretend food of choice. He pretended that the tent was his kitchen and would come to the door and ask us if we wanted some and then he would run back in and "make" us something and bring it back out. It was so cute. 

Here I caught him saying "Would you guys like some burritos???" 

Chad got to hold the grapes that Maddox got us and let him "eat" them.

"Hey, look! Here's your burrito, Mommy!!!"

And my precious boy giving me my pretend lunch. I love this kid!!!!

I might just eat HIM up instead. =)


baby Helena's mom said...

how fun!!! i so want to take helena camping!! i guess we'll be doing that after new baby arrives and is a little older...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pictures! His imagination is adorable. Big imaginations are wonderful and I love to hear what my kids are "dreaming up" every day. Camping is SOOO much fun and I can't wait to go again with my little ones! We've only been once. I know you guys will love it and I can tell Maddox will love it too! =)

Dancing Queen said...

When will you post some pictures of the inside and outside of your new home? Sunset is beautiful, Maddox is adorable and you and Chad are truly blessed! God is good!!


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