Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

So, I'm a little behind in my posting. But I'm here to catch up and share our last few months with you. 

I think I left off with Halloween 2008. 

This was a fun, low-key year. I guess partly because Halloween was on a Friday night, so we didn't have too much time to play dress-up on our new street before Sabbath arrived. 

We did get lucky, however, and Maddox was invited by our neighbor/playgroup pal/Sabbath School buddy, Lillybeth, to a Halloween party at My Gym. She goes there every week for classes and was able to bring a friend to their Thursday evening party. The first few pictures here are of the fun they had at My Gym. 

Maddox dressed up as a Train Engineer and Lillybeth went as a Hula Girl. They were totally adorable and made me wish that this age could be frozen in time. (No such luck.) 

Maddox got to jump in his very first ball-pit. He was hilarious and wasn't sure what to think. He loved it, but couldn't figure out why he kept sinking lower the harder he tried to climb out. =)

Maddox and Lillybeth in the circle of crazy costumes, while the leaders sang fun songs with them.

My shy boy branching out a little. He prefers to play in places that do not involve other young children. He loves playing with the older kids instead.

Maddox's real costume this year was "Dumbo." He was, without a doubt, the cutest little elephant that I've ever seen. He didn't wear this one to My Gym for obvious reasons, but we got to use it on Halloween evening before sundown. He walked to a few houses on our street and got some loot that his Mommy ate. (I'm a sucker for sweets.) 

Mom bought him this costume and there is a short story behind the reason why. This whole last year he has been loving the Dumbo movie. One of the few movies that we let him watch. He's so sensitive and such a loving little boy, you can really tell by the things he'll talk about. Because of this movie, all year long he has loved to pretend that he is Dumbo and that I'm Mrs. Jumbo. He would get done with naptime/quiet time and when I would come to his room to get him, he would say "Can Mrs. Jumbo hold Dumbo now?" It was too precious. Then he would want me to hold him tight, rock him, and sing "Baby Mine" to him. That is a memory that I will never forget and I'm so thankful that we had all this one-on-one time together.'s Dumbo!

Chad came home just in time to walk the neighborhood with us. =)

My two guys. Maddox looks so tiny here.

Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo, and my big ol' belly. He was so cute walking up to houses by himself and saying "Trick or Treat!". He definitely though he was big stuff. ;)

And my final picture of the evening.....the chocolate-induced daze before heading to bath & bed. 



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