Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chad!

Chad was very cute this year. I wanted to have a party for him so badly, but was feeling sooooo large and uncomfortable that I knew I couldn't do a nice one. I told him just to plan it himself, invite his friends, and we would have fun. And he did just that. 

He called his friends (all people that he works with on different projects or from the studio), he went out and bought all the food & drink, and he cleaned the house. What a great husband he is! 

Here's a group shot of who came - minus a few who had already left and Taylor, who took this one. 

Even though Chad doesn't like the whole candle-thing, we made him blow out the candles. Wow...I can't believe he's 34!!!!!

Maddox got to stay up with the party-goers until around 8pm or so, and he loved every minute of it. He would hang out with adults all day if he could. 

The next day, I captured this Maddox moment. This train is one that he got when he was almost a year old. It is NOT to ride on, but I walked in the kitchen for breakfast that morning and he was riding it around saying "Look Mommy! I'm not too big for this! Look!" It totally cracked me up and I had to get a shot of how ridiculous he looked. 

I love this kid!!! (And yes, I know he needed a haircut. I took him the next week and they ruined it. We're still working on getting it fixed.)



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