Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bonfire & Veggie Dogs

Maddox is currently in Cradle Roll B at Sabbath School. There have ended up being so many kids that it is now only for 2 year olds. We are so blessed to have such wonderful adults and children to surround our family with from church. It is what I have always dreamed of for my children and I'm so thankful that we have found it. We are extra lucky that we have such a wide surrounding of friends in this town in addition to church. And especially the other moms who I can turn to for support. 

So, I started rambling....what's new? Here's my point: Maddox's SS class put together a Saturday night function where we all got together at another parent's home for a big bonfire and weenie roast for the parents & children. It was really a lot of fun! 

Here's my friend Brooke and her two little ones, Elise & Zion. Elise is just a little bit older than Maddox and she's so smart and sweet. Too bad we moved farther away from them when we got the new house.  =( At least we can still see them at church.

Here is my friend, Kajsa, and her little guy, Kaj. They are really great friends of ours now and we are soooooo lucky to have them. 

Chad was in charge of helping Maddox with his food. He was such a big boy sitting in his little lawn chair eating. 

Anne and Lillybeth, who you see a lot of in my posts. Maddox and Lillybeth get along really well which is nice. 

Our new little friend, Nylah. She is newer to the Sabbath School and is really a sweetie. 

And last, but not and my little man. We had such a great time! Thanks to Anne for putting a lot of this together and to Bonnie and family for lending us their home/yard/fire pit/playground for the evening. =)



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