Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

We decorated for Christmas around Thanksgiving because of how busy we would be in December already. Starting on December 6th (the weekend after Thanksgiving), we had planned 7 solid weekends of visitors staying with us, not including the weeks in between with people. 

Maddox had such a great time watching all the decorations go up. We didn't do a lot of decorating last year since we were in Chattanooga & Marietta for the holiday, so this was all very exciting for him. 

He watched the tree go up one day, and then one night after he was in bed I decorated the tree all by myself. (Which Chad got annoyed about because I was at the very top of our ladder leaning over our tree with my huge pregnant belly.) Then another night I got our little Christmas village out and set it up. 

These pictures are of the next morning when Maddox came down for breakfast. He was so incredibly intrigued by these little houses. 

Looking at presents under the tree and trying to tell us who they were for. You know, since he can read and all. ;)

The little man looking at the houses again in our finished family room. Yeah!!

P.S. I now have my pictures set up on here so you can click them for a larger view if you want to. My previous posts before October don't usually have it.


baby Helena's mom said...

so...i was feeling all proud because i posted a blog last night and then i come to your blog tonight and see that not only have you posted one but you've posted tons and you didn't skip the holidays at all!!! you rock!!! thank you for the sweet encouragement...i really needed it! love you lots!!!

Ryan said...

Enjoyed all the updates. Keep up the good work...all the pictures with everything is great. You'll be really glad you documented all this in a few years when the memories aren't as vivid. I wish Nashville would have worked out for us, but we are happy where we Leesburg, VA, just an hour or so away from Richard and Shelly. In fact, Richard's office is only about 11 miles from mine.

Anyway, enjoy the new house and the little ones.


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