Sunday, February 01, 2009

Maddox's 3rd Birthday (Actual Weekend) 1.31.09-2.1.09

Maddox, Magdalen and myself were in Chattanooga for Precious Man's 3rd birthday. He was still overcome by the whole "I'm a big brother now" idea and a birthday was sort of second to that. He needed the attention. We were already planning a party for later, but we had a little one for him at Mom's house. Here are the pics of the day he turned three! And yes, like every mom, I couldn't believe it had gone by so fast. That pretty much goes without saying, right?

Maddox & Me. My cousin, Ryan, and his son, Xander. 

Hot dogs and Cheetos. What more could a birthday boy want?

Sister Magdalen made a short appearance. This was her one month birthday. She doesn't look so thrilled with all the commotion. 

Xander & Ryan again. Xander is like a Mini Ryan. Reminds me SO MUCH of him when we were kids. 

Ahlfeld's showed up so Kaden could play with Maddox. Micheal, Kaden, and Shawn eating here.

Blowing out his THREE CANDLES on the impromptu Handy Manny Cake. This kind of cake would usually annoy me, but his face lit up so bright when he saw Handy Manny that I was glad I grabbed it at Wal-mart. Very last minute. 

Micheal Ahlfeld using peer pressure. "Come on, Maddox, lick all that frosting. Mommy won't care."

Then Micheal handed him a spoon to eat frosting with! Maddox is laughing because I kept saying "Micheal. Stop it! He's going to get sick!" And Micheal just kept on...

Makes me sick just looking at all that icing. But, he was a happy birthday boy with all attention on him. =)

Kaden thought the whole exchange was hilarious also.

Maddox opened up some very sweet, cute gifts with Kaden's help. And then they played with the new trucks in the kitchen floor. Or should I say, they did siren screams and raced the new fire trucks on the floor, and were giggling like maniacs. They had a blast!

Josh & Becky were sad to miss Maddox's birthday, but they had sent a package up for him. He got to open it while they watched on Gmail chat. That was really nice and Maddox was so happy to show them his gifts. 

A tired mommy of a newborn and 3 year old and a happy, happy birthday boy. 

Steve kept Magdalen down in the office while she slept on the ottoman so that the focus from everyone else could actually be on Maddox and his birthday. Thank you, Steve!

On his actual birthday, I got some pictures of him outside. Just him being three.

He kept wanting to hide his train in the leaves. He thought that was so great. Haha!

My big boy.

Humoring me by looking up a little.

And last but not least, he said that I had to take a picture of his train for him. Here it is.

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!! I love you and am so proud of the little man you are growing up to be. A wonderful son, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, and lately, an amazingly intelligent, mature big brother with a heart of gold. I have watched with happy tears in my eyes as you've taken in your baby sister and never once acted rude or mean to her. We couldn't ask for more and thank God for you every day. =)


Anonymous said...

You are the best mom!!! Hmmm who was your example????


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