Friday, January 30, 2009

Magdalen Meets Chattanooga (4 weeks old)

I was ready to travel when Magdalen reached 4 weeks old. The same week that Maddox turned 3! (Maddox was also 4 weeks when he first visited Chattanooga. You will start to see a trend here....)

Chad helped me load up the Jeep bright and early that morning, wished me luck (ha!), and sent us on our way. As always, traveling with Maddox was a breeze and I was pleasantly surprised that Magdalen did just as well. I seem to birth good travelers, they are both easy to take along on short/long trips.

Here are a few highlights from my trip:

Mom set up a craft for Maddox one morning. He needed some activity since I hadn't had the opportunity in the last month and I needed a desperate nap. Thank you, Mom!!

Steven, my mom's first cousin, came by for a first peek at Magdalen. He was so proud that he was her first Chattanooga visitor. =)

Her first real bath happened at Mom's house at 4 weeks old. (Just like Maddox.) Mom printed this picture out and when I saw it lying on her table a few weeks later, I thought that it WAS Maddox. I know, can you imagine how horrible I would have been with actual twins?!

Mom started her out so I could take some pictures. I like to compare them to how it all went down 3 years previous. 

Yes, I did some of the work. =)

Maddox had recently discovered computer games, so we used them to our advantage when we were desperate. So while Mom was at work, Magdalen was napping, and I was trying to shower, he got to play BigFoot Presents Meteor!!! Woohoo! So intense here.

Mom cuddling her granddaughter. 

Steve getting to know her a little. We have many shots of him holding a baby Maddox in this chair. 

My precious baby in a cute little outfit from Nana. She wore it once because she was growing so stinking fast. Not too happy about that, but glad that she is so healthy. 

And everyone wore her out for naps which was AWESOME. 

Ready to go and wearing her Baby Tevas that Papaw Steve got her. They are soooo adorable. I can't believe how small she was. Except that she was big for her age. Go figure.

Mom wanted a picture with both kids so badly. It was harder than we thought. 

Mom will hate this, but I totally got a picture of her in the crib at her house. Haha! I had gone in there to lay Maddox down. (He still wanted to sleep in the crib there since he was in a crib at home.) That bumper was knotted and I could NOT get it undone. I was getting VERY angry (in my no-sleep, aching body, irritable way) so Mom crawled in and of course I had to have a picture. ;) Love you, Mom.

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend of rest, laughs, and fun for Maddox. 



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