Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Around the House in February

Some of my favorite moments on camera from the beginning of February. Maddox just turned 3 and Magdalen just turned 1 month. Cuties!

Computer usage starts early nowadays. Blessing and a curse.

Already sharing with sister. Notice the Little Debbie Matchbox car on her chest. Maddox kindly placed it there because he thought she wanted to play. =)

Sweetly sleeping. Her darling sheets from Grandma Marlene and her fluffy pink blanket from Jackie (Degrave) Duffy. Love it!

Watching Brother play. So content.

"This is Dusty." From Handy Manny. Don't you know?

Fell asleep watching me and Maddox play.

Her adorable little pink & green elephant outfit.....from me! 

Another of my favorite outfits (from me again) that I bought for her and Chad. =)

Pink blanket that Maddox gave her the day she was born. She sleeps with it every night. 

Funny story here. I was trying to get out the door to go somewhere. As usual, I wasn't prepared beforehand. I was racing around the house looking for diapers, wipes, phone, keys, shoes, etc. and Magdalen was trying to scream in her car seat. I was yelling down to Maddox to "give her the paci and rock her chair, Buddy!" and he so graciously did. And with the softest little voice to go along with it. "It's okay, Maggie. Here's your paci."PRECIOUS BOY. You can see him rocking with his right hand and paci-ing with his left. 

I guess she liked it. Haha!

As hard and long as my days are, these two together still make me laugh and beam at the end of the worst ones. I love them more than they will every know.


baby Helena's mom said...

i forgot to tell you that we had that same flower for our soothie pacifier for helena.


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