Sunday, January 03, 2010

1st Birthday Party Teaser

Today we celebrated Maggie's 1st birthday at our home. (And in case you were wondering, it does depend on the day whether she is Maggie or Magdalen to me. You are welcome to call her either.)

Maggie was in a great mood, everyone showed up a bit late (which is my style, if you don't know me already), and even though we didn't have any chairs for the small kids' table (ahem....{wink wink})....the party was just what I imagined for her. And yes, it's more for me than her, I'm aware. :)

My dear friend and old neighbor, Sarah, who does photography here locally, took over the job of photographer for the party. (Thank you!!!!) I was able to enjoy myself and not stress over all the important shots. I have seen a preview of them and they are adorable, but I have 2 to share tonight.

I was very proud of myself this year, because I had 2 special handmade items on my agenda for her party.

Number one, I really wanted her to wear a tutu. So...I made one. And actually I ran out of time to do it properly, but it was cute enough for her party and photos and I was happy. (One of my goals this year is to loosen up where my perfectionism is concerned. So far so good, because I did not stress over the tutu not being "perfect".) I got the idea and tutorial for it here. And here is my sweet pea, who seems so big in this picture with me, wearing her birthday outfit.

Number two, I really wanted Cake Pops. I saw these online a long time ago and then a friend made them for her daughter's party last year and they were delicious! So I went for it. I mean....Mom and I went for it. (Disclaimer: this party would not have been possible without Mom's mad organization skills and her know-how of dealing with crazy me during crunch time and her willingness to stay up until my night-owl hours of preference. And to Chad who cleaned the ENTIRE house before everyone came. THANK YOU.) Anyway, the Cake Pops were red velvet cake inside and pink vanilla candy covering on the outside. Y-U-M. They didn't turn out completely round like I planned, but (LGOP - letting go of perfection) I was okay with it because everyone else thought it was genius. Ha! Here is where I found it. Thank you, Bakerella. :) Here are the Cake Pops that we made.

Thanks, friends, for a lovely day! And to my sweet Maggie, who is my snuggly girl, I love you and hope your second year is even greater than the first.


baby Helena's mom said...

AMANDA!!! LOVE you and love everything about her birthday already and have only seen 2 pictures! I'm stoked that you did cake pops!!! I also think her tutu is adorably perfect! muah!

Alisa said...

What a GORGEOUS picture of you and little Maggie!!! I can't wait to see more pictures! I adore the cake pops idea too. I love how crafty you are!!

Cherry Runway said...

Ohh your shirt is soo pretty!!


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