Monday, January 04, 2010

Magdalen's 1st Birthday: The Details, The People, The Little Lady

Some might say that Magdalen was born on a day that will always be a fun birthday for her. 
And some, like me, beg to differ. But as long as she's living under our roof, I will make it as special as I possibly can.

She was born on New Year's Eve and even though there are parties everywhere on her birthday, they obviously aren't for her. We tried to plan her very first party on her actual birthday this year, but it just didn't work out. Everyone was busy. So I gave in and changed the party date. 

I'm glad I did. We had such a great time and will always have grand memories of so many good friends and family that joined us in celebrating Magdalen's first wonderful year. 

On her real birthday, just our little family of four celebrated this milestone with blueberry muffins and a candle and song. :) Brother is always nearby. 

Two days later, we celebrated her birthday at Sabbath School for the first time and Maddox joined us there as well. He was such a good sport in the baby class and rode in the "sled" with his sister during an activity. (He was really rocking that rainbow scarf, too.)

Magdalen must have known it was party time! Here she is doing her head stand while wearing her tutu that I made her and her monogrammed bloomers from Dad & Donna. Notice the legs that have slimmed down a LOT. 

Cake pops!!

Flower-shaped cheese and PB& J sandwiches. 

Mom (Nana) & Rebecca L.

Chad, Rebecca L, and Dustin W. Such fun friends that both have children close in age with both of ours. 

Sarah Burnside (who took most of these pics!) and Chad.

Details for the princess.

Maddox and I helping her blow out her candle. She thinks he's the greatest thing ever. :)

And he thinks she's the greatest thing ever, too. He was so excited for her to celebrate this day!

She finally gets it. It's good. It's for her. Dig in!

Maddox finally gets a cake pop. And loves it. :)

She dug in, but didn't really eat much. Too overwhelmed by all the guests. 

With so many gifts, she still just wanted to hold MY old Honey doll from when I was a baby girl. (Maddox has named it Alex.)

Gift from Mommy & Daddy. Felt box shaped like a little house for storing things in her room, a corduroy-patched lamb from Serena & Lily, and a new outfit. 

Gift bags for the kiddos. Matching place mats, plates, cups, and snack bags w/ goldfish.

Magdalen received her very own chair from PBK (just like brother) from Nana. She and some of the boys enjoyed it at the party (Magdalen, Kooper, Bennett, and Maddox).

And she owned it. This was after she pushed another little sister her age out of it. 

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet baby! 

Thanks to all the friends and family that attended that made this day so special. I have many more pictures that I wasn't able to post. I thought I was pushing my luck with this amount. I hope this gives a good idea of what our fun-filled celebration was like. :) 


Alisa said...

I absolutely adored every single picture. Wish we could have been there! It looked amazing. The pictures were so beautiful--and of course I would love to see every single one! haha

Mando said...

I LOVE the monogrammed booty!!!!!!What a great idea/pic!!:) Looks like the birthday party was a success that every princess deserves!


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