Friday, January 01, 2010

Well, hello, 2010.

The New Year is here and frankly, I'm not quite ready.

I liked 2009 even though it had some major ups and downs. Well, for me anyway. The first year with a baby is hard, but add that to a 3 year old and the difficulty level sort of triples. How that happens, I will never understand.

This is not to say that 2009 was bad, horrible, disappointing, or any of those types of adjectives. It was great, actually. This was a year of new love for each of us in this family, a year of fun & exciting business for Chad, and as for me....well....this was a year where I just took things as they came. That's pretty much all I had time for.

We changed a lot of diapers this year. We missed many hours of sleep. We sat in rocking chairs (pick a kid) for many hours. I nursed my baby for the majority of the year. Maddox formed a love/dislike relationship with his sister who he met 1 year ago today, and oh how he loves her. Magdalen learned to do the regular things that babies do before one year old and in doing so, she has stolen our hearts. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall and came out the other side of that ordeal with a smile on her face and thankfulness in her heart. Despite the bad times, we have truly been blessed.

I have many thoughts, goals, plans for 2010 and I'm excited to share them all with you as the year moves on.

But for now, I will head to bed. I just finished a tutu for Magdalen to wear at her birthday party on Sunday (must try it on in the a.m.) and I'm plain tired.

Good night and Happy New Year!

P.S. I seem to have a bit of schizo-blogophrenia lately. I know. This is my final site change. The look may change in the future as I figure out my logo, but the web address and name is finally permanent. Thanks for hanging in there with me. ;)


Lisa721 said...

Love it, Amanda! Reading your blogs is as nice as reading a good book. I hope to start one soon! Anyways, happy new year!


I want you to decorate my house! Please? ;)


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