Saturday, December 06, 2008

Early Christmas with my Dad's Side

This year was Chad's family's turn to celebrate Christmas Day with us, so we had a few Christmases beforehand. 

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Dad & Donna, Josh & Becky, Matt & Betsy (step-sister & fiance), and Rebecca (step-sister) all came up and spent one night at our new house. My step-sisters had not seen our new place yet, so that was exciting to show them around. It was also great to have 10 people sleeping under one roof and not feel crowded at all. (We are truly loving the spaciousness of our new home and using it to the fullest.)

They all arrived on Saturday afternoon for lunch and stayed until sometime on Sunday. We (mainly Chad) prepared lunch at home and Maddox and I helped. I have included quite a few pictures in this post, but they are the highlights of the weekend for me. =)

Maddox helping mix up the salad for us.

Once Dad arrived, Maddox sucked him into playing Handy Manny with him. 

Dad was obviously getting into it....just a little. ;)

Chad finally sitting down and relaxing. I have to give my thanks to him for all the hard work he did over the holidays for ALL the company we had for many weekends in a row. I was just too pregnant and uncomfortable to do hardly any of it. He is the best husband EVER!

Josh & Becky kicking back a bit.

The loot. I am so proud of that tree. Haha!

Maddox telling someone a very detailed story.

My foot making him look up for a picture. 

The Donna and her girls HAD to watch the Alabama game that evening, so we definitely had that on. Maddox enjoyed it as well. He loves football.

As usual, Matt humored Maddox in his make-believe play. 

The "men" talking about "man" things in the kitchen. 

Me and my MONSTER belly.

The newly engaged couple, Matt & Betsy.

I'm still not sure how we got so many spontaneous expressions in this one shot. 

Me and my baby man.

That evening, we opened gifts before Maddox went to bed. He got to help play Santa Claus and was giving Nonna Donna a gift here. 

Josh and one of his gifts. I can't believe he's almost 29. Moments like this make me think I'm seeing him still at age 17. ;)

Maddox hanging out with Aunt Rebecca and playing on his Thomas laptop from Uncle Josh & Aunt Becky.

Family Christmas shot

Dad & Donna. Or as Maddox calls them: Papa Will & Nonna Donna

Me and my Daddy-o

Maddox & Aunt Becky being crazy together, as usual.

All of Dad & Donna's kids. We have too much fun when we all get together like this!! 

Donna & her girls.

Maddox's big gift from Papa Will & Nonna was his new wagon!! It won't get used a ton until later in the spring, but it still can be pulled around the house before then. 

Thanks, guys, for making the trip up here and making this holiday a lot easier on this pregnant lady. Love you all!!


Alisa said...

What a wonderful post! Keep them coming! I love all the peeks of your house I'm getting through your pictures! It's absolutley gorgeous! I especially loved the picture of your "monster" belly. ;) Such a beautiful family, all of you!

Ryan said...

First, have to say I like the new background and title picture. Very fancy. ;)

I really enjoyed this post, though you always do such great posts in general with all the pictures and commentary...

Hadn't seen even pictures of your dad in *years*. You'll have to tell him hi for me when you see him again.

Re Josh at 17... yeah, he seems much the same to me, but that could be because I've seen him the most recently. (Recently = some in the last 5 years.)

Congrats on all the happy memories over the holidays. It's stuff like this that life is all about.


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