Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Boy and his Dad

Chad works on average about 70-80 hours a week. BUT...he is the most amazing father in how he always makes special time for Maddox when he's home. He takes him on outings just the two of them (carwashing, Chuck E. Cheeze, grocery store, eating out, etc.) and Maddox loves it! I am so thankful to have such an amazing, attentive husband as a father to our child. Here are some priceless moments with the two of them.

Chad and Maddox on the 4th of July...watching the "big" fireworks.

Lounging with Daddy (you have to click to enlarge this picture just to see Maddox's funny expression)

This was the shot I got after they both were pretending to be asleep. Maddox has an amazing pretend snore. =)

Maddox's first real fireworks. (First year he wasn't totally terrified.) This was his 3rd or 4th sparkler. When Chad lit the 2nd one, I was watching of course, and he lit it right near Maddox's face. I flipped out because the sparks jumped into his precious face...but he's a boy and didn't even care. Yikes.

Showing what a big boy he is getting to be. I love these two. =)


baby Helena's mom said...

his face on the couch with chad is HILARIOUS!!!!


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