Friday, August 22, 2008

Train Up A Child Store!

I was introduced to what Maddox and I call the "Thomas the Train store" when he was just a little guy. Probably around 10 months old or so. My friend, Ashley, would take her son Grayson there all the time and they started inviting us to meet them. We have been going ever since then!!

You just have to pay $3 and your child can play with the train tables/tracks/trains that are already set up, watch some Thomas videos, play with the little kitchen, or do blocks & puzzles. Kids love this place!!

One day, Maddox and I wanted to go and we invited our neighbor Sarah and her son Bennett to meet us there. Then I thought of more people to call: Kajsa and her son Kaj; Brooke and her daughter Elise and son Zion. We ended up with our own little playgroup that day. =) Here are some pics.

Maddox intently playing with the trains.

Probably wondering what I needed...just a picture. =)

From Left to right: Zion, Bennett, Elise, Maddox, and unknown child. =)


baby Helena's mom said...

fun!!! i wish there was something like that here...

Richard said...

Kaley would love that store. I don't know what it is about Thomas the Train. That cartoon is the most boring one she watches, and she usually can't make it through many episodes before she's ready for something else. Yet, she still begs for "Thomas" with her sweet, imploring voice.


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