Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Fun - just me and Maddox

So, what's a mom to do during the summer while she suffers horrendous morning sickness?!?! Well, first of all, take note: morning sickness is a big fat LIE! Oh no's all-day sickness for me. While pregnant with Maddox AND the new baby I have had the worst of it. Zofran couldn't cut it and Phenergan only did because it knocked me out every night for a few months. I learned to improvise. Thank goodness that Maddox is extremely self-entertaining (Thank you Lord!) and has a great imagination he can run wild with while I was lying around just making it through the days. Here are some snippets from our summer.

We have been swimming on the few days that I have NOT been nauseous.

I tried to muster up the enthusiasm for fun things at home. On this particular day it was playdough, with Maddox here proudly displaying his "snowman doggy". Don't just have to go with the imagination. =)

Maddox gets a kick (still) over wearing big people shoes. Here he is wearing my tennis shoes and saying "Look! I'm being a Mommy!" He will also say "being a Daddy" or "being an Uncle Josh" depending on whose shoes he finds.

And he seems to have a sense of style. In this next shot he has his cute collared shirt on, along with his Chuck E. Cheeze tattoo (rt arm) and his Mommy's high-heeled wedges. Classic.

Unfortunately, this is what I looked like most of the summer. Maddox kept his cuteness factor even though we were indoors most of the days. He has been such a great little guy for me.

Playing on the Children's level of the downtown Main Nashville Library. They have the BEST storytime I've ever seen. Puppets, stories, songs, juggling, etc. And then a play area while you wait.

Bennett and Maddox just browsing the selection.

Maddox and I packed our lunch one day. Out the doors from the children's section is an open courtyard with a fountain in the middle, small tables, chairs, benches, etc. He was enjoying his PB&J sandwich here.

My cute man trying to get as far in the water as he could reach. =) Without getting in trouble. I haven't been in the mood to have to jump in after him.


baby Helena's mom said...

cool! it's fun seeing what you're up to! i'm so glad you're feeling better!!!


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