Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little G-Reg comes to visit

Our old pal, Greg, came to visit for a 4-day weekend this month and Maddox totally thought he was awesome. He keeps asking where Little G-Reg is (he gets the G-Reg part from me & Chad calling him that, but he added the "Little" all by himself.) I'm sure Greg will be thrilled. Ha!

Anyway, Greg was worn out by the time he flew back to FL, I'm sure, because Maddox continuously wanted to Greg to throw him around in the air. Sometimes I don't understand boys, but whatever.

So, thanks for visiting with us again Greg. One year is too long to go without your Chad/Amanda/Maddox fix, right?

Maddox waits for the tickle monster to attack.

And there it is....



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