Monday, August 25, 2008

I have created a Singing Fool...

...and I mean this in the nicest way possible, of course. If you know me well, then you know that I have a tendency to sing everything. And in the past few months, it has become very apparent that I have either passed on this trait or it has been learned through many days of singing most everything.

In this post, I will show Maddox's love for any type of lyric. He is a VERY quick study and can learn all the words to a song by just hearing it once or twice. It is actually quite amazing. His favorites right now are "Elmo's World" theme song and "Jesus Loves Me".

In the pictures here of Chad and him, they are singing into the Elmo karaoke machine. In looking at these, you will also see that Maddox likes to use anything (like his mother) as a microphone. He has used a pretend ketchup bottle, a brush (as shown here), banana, telephone, remote control, etc. Anything that can be held like a microphone.

On the way to Chad's studio, Hippo Sound, one afternoon. Maddox is stylin' as usual.

This child already knows his way around two professional studios (that I know of) and always wants to go to Daddy's work to help him make music. His favorite one is Hippo Sound because Chad lets him play drums, listen to music, and it is always just the three of us visiting when we go there. It is the highlight of any day that we get a chance to drive down.

The funny part is that he already knows where the kick drum is, etc. Cracks me up!!

Another talent of his that he wants people to know. He can roll his tongue.

In this most precious video, you will see Maddox sing the song "Jingle Bells" after hearing me sing it twice. Listen to how well he already knows it (in between the dancing). This is just another example of me singing anything that pops into my head. It was July but Maddox has picked up this jingle bell stick and of course what did I do? Started singing the dumb song. And now you see who picked up on it. Enjoy this clip!


Chef Mom said...

Hi Maddox- we LOVE seeing your pictures and are still giggling after watching your video! We miss you! Love, Abby and Ben (and Aunt Heather)

baby Helena's mom said...

hilarious!! my favorite...his shoulders moving to add expression while he's singing! i hope/pray/wish helena has his love of singing!!!!!

The Black Family said...

oh my goodness he is so cute...ha ha ha I love when he ends the song.... encore PLEASE :)

Trish said...

Wow! That's the first time i've heard his voice! What a sweet lil manly!


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