Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to My Blog!

Well here I am - I'm finally sharing one of my blogs from blogger! I decided it was about time. I've had a few on here in the back to Summer '05 when I got pregnant with Maddox. But they were always private and never shared. So now I'll start a new one since it does seem like the easiest way for people to actually choose to catch up on us instead of me bombarding everyone with KodakGallery emails. =)

I will begin this blog with some of my favorite shots of Maddox recently. These were taken by my sis-in-law, Becky, and she is really able to capture Maddox's expressions and personality clearly. He adores her and I think that helps him be himself.

These were taken while playing outside at Mom's house and playing inside Josh's (my brother) 1972 (?) Monte Carlo. A dream come true for both of those boys. ;) Here you go:


baby Helena's mom said...

i think becky did an awesome job of capturing 'maddox'.

baby Helena's mom said...

p.s. i will NEVER mind you filling up my inbox with emails. or any other emails, for that matter. love you!

Richard said...

Cool shades. It's funny how perceptive these kids are about the mechanics of driving. Give Kaley half a second and she's in the driver's seat, grabbing the steering wheel and trying to put the car in gear.

Ryan said...

Hey Amanda. Glad you've joined the Blogger world. :) They are great sharing tools. Enjoyed the pictures and stories.


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