Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve 2008 - Last Minute Surprise

Our family had just said good-bye the day before to Chris, Heather, Abby, & Ben as they flew home to Idaho. Maddox and I were having a relaxing day at home together. My dear friend, Cindy, called me. 

Cindy: Amanda! How are you feeling? Do you think you still have time to have Maggie this year?
Me: Nope. I'm just not feeling it. Nothing's happening. I'm going to miss that tax break by a day or so.
Cindy: Aw man. Oh well. She'll come when she's ready. Make sure and let me know. 
Me: I will. She'll probably be a week or so late like Maddox was!

And that's pretty much how our conversation went, comparing our current pregnancies, talking about our plans, etc. This was around 11am. Less than 2 hours later, contractions started. =)

I won't go into all the boring details, but let's just say that labor went quickly, smoothly, and painfully. I barely made the epidural before it was too late. I never thought I'd be the type to be yelling in the delivery room, but there I was! Praying very loudly "Oh God PLEASE HELP ME!"or "Help me, somebody....please!" or "Oh God, I can't do this!" over and over and over. Haha! It totally makes me laugh now. I just about slapped the CRNA when he kept asking me questions that I wasn't coherent enough to understand or answer. Not because of any drugs, but because of the intense pain. A much different experience than having Maddox. 

The worst part of the whole labor (before Mom arrived) was that Maddox was in the room with us during that painful time. I felt so bad and I wanted to yell out in pain, but I just saw his sweet little face sitting over in the chair and I just had to turn my head, bite my lip, and groan into my pillow. He was such a trooper. Thankfully, Mom showed up 2 hours after I was admitted and the first thing I said was "Please. Get him out of here now". I was so afraid for him to see me in that much pain. He is such a sensitive little guy, he would have thought about it for days. 

Anyway, our precious baby girl, Magdalen Leigh, was born exactly 4 hours & 37 minutes after I was admitted to the hospital that evening. Mom & Steve, Josh & Becky, and Dad & Donna all made it there within a few hours of her birth. It was a very special time. Here are a few first pictures. 

Maddox finally getting  a late dinner - Taco Bell - in the waiting room. After this, Mom & Steve took him back to our house and put him to bed. (Maggie was born shortly after he went to bed so he didn't meet her until the next day, New Year's Day 2009.)

Me after getting the epidural. Sweet relief  kicked in after about 2-3 minutes. 

With both kids, I had severe shivering from the epidural. I had to be covered in blankets. 

First picture of the princess. She was a healthy 9/9 on the Apgar. 8 lbs, 3 ounces, 21.5 inches.

She wasn't really into having her photo taken at this point. =) 

Thanks to Maggie, we had an impromptu New Year's Eve get together at the hospital with our family. The best New Year's Eve I've ever had. 


Alisa said...

And what a Happy New Year's it was! I can't believe how fast you were in labor. I'm glad you got your epidural. =) What a beautiful, healthy, big baby girl! I never would have thought you would have an 8 pound baby.


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