Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Magdalen Leigh's First Photos

Chad and I were so excited when she arrived. Everything truly went so smoothly, we felt so blessed. 

I was obviously on an adrenaline rush, because here I was lying there while the doctor "finished up" and taking pictures of Chad with Maggie. This is the NICU team checking her. There was meconium involved (look it up if you don't know - I won't explain it here) and they were there to make sure it had not gone into her mouth/nose. She was as healthy as could be.

My second time to hold my daughter. First time since she was all cleaned up. Looks just like Maddox's hospital pictures here.

Chad did get to cut the umbilical cord, but this may have been the first time he really got to hold her. 

She was so wide-eyed and alert from the very beginning. Such a precious girl.

First family shot, without Maddox. 

Another pic of Maggie with her Daddy.

I love this scrunched up face shot.

Maggie meets Nana. Mom had just rushed back to the hospital from putting Maddox to bed (Steve stayed at the house with him) when Maggie was born. 

Dad & Donna arrived a little later. Here Maggie gets to meet Nonna. 

Me in a tired daze as she screams her head off. =) Another wonderful cycle of life begins....


Alisa said...

Amanda you looked BEAUTIFUL!! But I had to laugh when I saw the last picture of you and Maggie. The start of real life as a mother of two. =)


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