Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Cookie Decorating!

As I've said before, Maddox is currently part of a great Sabbath school class at church. They have tried to plan some great activities for the kids and parents to do together. For December, we got together at the church on a VERY rainy day and decorated cookies for Christmas. 

It was the first time that Maddox had done this before. (I know....bad Mommy.) He wasn't even sure what to do with all the sweets, except he kept just wanting to eat them. What should I have expected?!

He was very excited after trying his very first mini-marshmallow. =)

He was very proud of his first decorated cookie, which he proceeded to eat before I could pack it away to take home. Oh well!

A picture of the kids and their helpers. 

He started eating it while I was taking pictures and not paying attention. 

We are so happy the Kirk & Rebecca moved back with their kiddos, Braden & Kooper. Braden & Maddox are 9 months apart and Kooper & Maggie will be about 9 or 10 months apart. Braden & Maddox get along great together and enjoy playing. It's so nice for me to have ONE old friend in town. =)

Lillybeth wore her apron just like Maddox did. She is too cute!!!

Heather and her son, Noah. He might just be one of the sweetest little boys that I've ever met. So polite!!!

"Clean my hands, please, Mommy!"

We drove to Rebecca's house afterwards and had a long afternoon of train playing with the boys. Well, she and I chatted about old friends while the boys entertained themselves. It was a successful day in the life of a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom for those of you who don't know the lingo. haha!)


baby Helena's mom said...

Maddox's faces crack me up! The resemblance to Chad is hilarious! You're doing a great job catching up on your blogs...I'm jealous, but have no ideas of trying to do the same! I'm just going to move forward and try to do better!
Love you!!!


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