Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Chad's Mom and Larry were already at our house. We were awaiting the arrival of Chris (his brother), Heather, Abby, and Ben late that night. They flew in around 10:30 that evening.

Maddox obviously had to go to bed before that, so before they go there we let him put out the milk & cookies for Santa and read the Christmas story to us.

He had the choice for me OR him to read the story. He chose to read. ;) It was the most adorable thing listening to his version of Baby Jesus and the manger, etc. Thankfully, we got it on video. 

Then he got to pick out a cookie to leave for Santa! 

We let him pick two gingerbread men: one for himself and one for Santa

And here's the pre-crying shot. He wanted the second one so much. =(

Next he poured the milk for Santa to have with his cookie.

So proud of himself!

Larry did the honors and played Santa after Maddox went to bed.

Shortly after, Chad headed to the airport and happily brought home the rest of the crew. 


Alisa said...

These pictures are adorable!! I especially love the look on Maddox's face when he realizes he doesn't get the second cookie. So sweet! And I would love to hear that video of him "reading"! I know you are so proud. =)


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