Friday, December 26, 2008

Jump Zone - Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas, while Chad's family was still here, we were feeling a little cabin fever with 3 kids in the house. The weather was just ugly outside and freezing cold so we headed to a Jump Zone near our house. We had never been there and were actually the only people that were there in the beginning. We pretty much had the place to ourselves almost the entire time.

The kids had a blast and so did Heather, Chris, and Chad. Haha! I wanted to jump so badly, but I'll just make sure to have fun next time. 

Maddox was a little intimidated by how big the blow-up slides and bounce houses were, so he mainly just played with the toys they had. He was just as happy. =)

You have to click on this next picture of Chad and Chris going down this slide together. When it's blown up larger, you can totally see their expressions and it's PRICELESS!!!! Hahaha! I laughed so hard when I saw what I had captured. 

That evening we went to Bricks Pizza for dinner. It was Marlene and Larry's last night there.

Ben, Heather, Chris

Marlene, Abby (celebrating her 9th birthday early with us), and Larry

We had a great time with everyone and had a great December overall!


baby Helena's mom said...

helena LOVES monkey joe's (a jump place right around the corner from our house). she makes michael take her up the stairs so she can slide down the big slide (like the one chad and chris went down) by herself! she's CRAZY!!!

of course, as always, i LOVE your pictures!!!

Alisa said...

Priceless. =) Looks like tons of fun.


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