Thursday, January 01, 2009

Maddox Meets Maggie - Happy New Year 2009!

When Maddox arrived at the hospital on New Year's Day to meet his baby sister, Dad & Donna had this balloon waiting for him. I wasn't aware of it until later, but they eventually had to take it away because he was hitting Mickey Mouse around the room and getting a "little" wild in there. =) I think this is before he came in to see me. 

Maddox and Chad on their way to see me & Maggie.

Baby Sister peacefully sleeping while Big Brother was checking her out.

I made sure that I wasn't holding Maggie when Maddox first came into the room. I worked out well. He was a little timid about climbing up in the bed with me. I think he thought I was sick or hurt. But once I coaxed him up, he was so happy. 

After he and I spent some time together, Mom lifted him up to get his first glimpse of Maggie. He was extremely intrigued by her and how little her fingers were. He was also giving her Maggie-Bunny to her. He has a bunny named Bunny (go figure) and we found one in a different color, but identical other than that, for Maggie. He kept talking about giving "Maggie-Bunny" to his sister. So sweet. 

Maggie meets Maggie-Bunny.

Giving her the pink blanket (just like his blue "Blanket") that he picked out for her months before.

Making sure that she has Pink Blanket.

Onto snacks. Maggie got boring after awhile. =)

The most precious brother I've ever seen in my life. He is so amazing with her and totally adores her. Just what I've always dreamed of. Thanks to God for these two amazing blessings. 


Alisa said...

I'm so happy for you that your dreams have come true! I love the picture of Maddox and you on the hospital bed. And I love how intrigued he is with baby Maggie! You always capture beautiful moments on camera.


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