Friday, January 09, 2009

9ish Days Old

Chad was really good about taking Maddox to do fun things in the first few weeks after Maggie arrived. I was able to spend some alone time with her and get to know her a little bit better one on one. She is so precious!

I have already forgotten how small she felt at this early age. I was hoping that this picture would help me remember, but it's too hard as babies just don't slow down!

Gretchen's world totally changed when Maddox arrived 3 years ago. So, she is an old pro at this baby thing. I just feel guilty that she has been neglected so many times since Maggie was born. I can hardly remember to feed myself, much less the dog!! (I know....horrible!! We are doing better now.) 

Anyway, this afternoon was one of those where I didn't know she would sleep for 2 hours. Of course, she slept on the couch because I was afraid to move her, but then I couldn't walk away either. Perfect chance to take some pictures! Gretchen just cuddled right up to her. (I sort of took these pictures for Mom because we all know how she LOVES animals. Hahaha!)

And yes, this is a boy's outfit. One of Maddox's pajama hand-me downs. She was getting too big so quickly that nothing was fitting anymore!

She has always (except for the swaddling stage) loved to sleep with her hands literally under her head. I love it!

I look back and am amazed at how skinny she was. And this was at about 10 pounds. What do 5 & 6 pound babies look like? I'm sure I would be blown away to hold one. 

I love her perfect little head. And yes, the whole time she would sleep on her belly (in my presence of course) I would be checking to see if she was breathing. I'm so paranoid.

Her perfect little head full of hair! (That slowly started to disappear. Stay tuned.)

Days like these make you never want to clean, do laundry, cook a meal, go anywhere, do anything......except hold your babies tight. These miracles that are our children are truly too precious.



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