Friday, January 02, 2009

Going Home...

On the morning of January 2nd, I realized that I was READY to go home from the hospital. Hospitals are not comfortable. The foods stinks, and I like to eat. Plus, Mom and Chad each got to spend a night on the hospital fold-out sofa "bed", and I decided that was plenty for them. If we were going to get spurts of sleep, it would be better spent in our own comfy beds. 

Maggie and I were both deemed healthy enough to go home and we were out of there! I felt so much better since I was in normal clothing again, but looking back I still looked a little rough. =)

First kisses from her big brother.

Such a little entertainer.

Chad and Maddox had just gotten there from home, so Chad was holding her again. 

Maddox and my Mom relaxing in the hospital bed while we waited for Maggie's birth certificate. They made an error, so we had to wait for the mistake to be fixed. 

Miss Maggie waiting patiently.

It took a long time. She was out like a light. That outfit fit her for about a week, by the way. 

Chad, Maddox, Maggie and I took our first car ride as a family that day. We went straight home and got settled, while Mom drove by Panera Bread and got some yummy yummy normal food for us. It was so delicious, to me especially. =)


Alisa said...

How beautiful! I love how you captured Maddox's first kiss to his baby sister.


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