Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day 4: Accepting My Hidden Love of Baby Girl Clothing

Interesting title, you might think. Here's the explanation. Having had a boy for three years almost, and always thinking that I would have all was a little hard for me to accept the fact that I might actually like pink. Granted, I'm not a girly-girl by any means, but having a boy had solidified that pretty much. But by day #4 of my daughter's life, I told my Mom, "Okay. I'm really getting into this 'girl' thing. I am officially obsessed with their clothing and accessories." This was after I saw all the things she had to wear in her closet after this next bath.

The Setup

The Pro Helper

My Sweet Pea (Maddox told me the other day that I call her that...I didn't realize it.)

Me and my daughter. And the first of many cute outfits that I fit her squirmy body into. 

Nana admiring her granddaughter in the outfit that she bought her.

A Nana and her babies

"Floppyhead" Maggie - so little still!

I took this picture to remember how tiny she looked. This did NOT last long. She grows so fast, but I love looking back at this one and trying to remember how small she felt.

If only I could let her sleep like this all night. She loved sleeping on her belly until she got used to sleeping on her back.

Sweet dreams, baby girl.


Alisa said...

TOO BEAUTIFUL!! And I can relate with the girls clothing. It is just too precious not to love! There are too many cute girly outfits out there! =)

baby Helena's mom said...

i love, LOVE, all your new posts! i would really enjoy commenting on all of them, but i need to go to bed before 10 pm tonight!!! (my child still is not sleeping through the lucky are you?)

miss you...but am so glad i got to see you and maggie and maddox. please give them kisses from me!

Anonymous said...

What precious darlings!! I am so proud of the wonderful mother you have become. You are the greatest maybe as good as me!!! LOL just kidding. They are very good babies and that is due to all the hard work you do in getting them on a schedule and being consistant.



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