Thursday, January 01, 2009

Maggie's Hospital Visitors

Poor Steve was the only one of my parents that didn't get to see her the night she was born. But, we were so thankful that he volunteered to stay at the house with Maddox. Chad went home the next morning while Mom helped me and got Maddox himself. Steve came down at that time. 

Steve's first look at the baby girl.

Proud grandparents of their first granddaughter.

I love watching guys hold newborns. They look like they are afraid they're going to break them! 

Baby Maggie awake to meet everyone again. With the pacifier as big as her head.

Josh & Becky stopped back by on their way back home. Dad & Donna had reserved 2 rooms at a nearby hotel in advance and Josh & Becky used one of them. 

Meeting their first niece. Maddox has them wrapped around his finger. I wonder how Maggie will do?

The only non-family member that had a chance to come to the hospital was my good friend, Kajsa D. She was kind enough to bring me a paperback book, sparkling apple juice to celebrate, and the cutest owl notecards. (Maggie's room is done in an outdoors theme with owls/birds, etc.) She knew I would love those!!!! Thanks Kajsa. 

Dad & Donna also had to head home that same day so they stopped in for a little while to say goodbye to us. I love this shot of Dad & Maggie. =)

About 14-15 hours old.

Also the first granddaughter for Dad & Donna.

Thanks everyone, for your support, love, and help with Maddox and many other things. We truly appreciate it and are glad you got to share in this special time with us. 


Alisa said...

What a wonderful, beautiful, proud family you have! =) Your kids are so loved!


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