Thursday, January 15, 2009

Magdalen (2 Weeks) & Maddox (almost 3 yrs)

As most of you know, my sister-in-law Becky has picked up her hobby of photography and turned it into a fun job for extra money. She is very talented and I think she does her best work with maternity, babies, and children, because she is so in love with how beautiful all three are. 

Becky and Josh made their last trip up to our house to visit before they moved to Naples when Magdalen was only 2 weeks old. I was very sad thinking about how much Maddox was going to  miss them and how their first niece will not have the same early opportunity to know them as well as her big brother has. But at the same time, I'm soooooooo happy for the adventure they are taking themselves on. Chad and I have never regretted our year away from everything we knew and I knew that it would be good for Josh & Becky, as well.

Becky arrived armed with her camera, lenses, flash, lighting, and backdrops. It was a very rushed shooting time, but she captured some wonderful memories that I will treasure forever. 

She took some of Maddox since he was in the "ham it up" mood. 

I totally adore his little face.

In this one, he was running his finger along the words of his shirt and telling us that it said "Big Brother". So proud.

Maddox talks about Aunt Becky & Uncle Josh almost daily. And I'm not exaggerating. They are always the drivers of the cars he's playing with or if he is pretend-calling on his cell phone, it's always Aunt Becky that he's talking to. If they were children, they'd be his best friends. Haha!

I'm always amazed at the things Josh will do to humor Becky. =) Not that her requests are outrageous, but they are usually things that Josh would rather NOT do. Like posing for the picture below. =)

My Wild Man.

Becky was excited (and so was I) to take two-week portraits of Miss Magdalen. She really did a great job and I'm finally sharing these with you. Sorry it's taken so long. Family, if you want any specific prints of these just let me know. There are a million more, but these are my favorite. Unfortunately, Chad had to go to work that day and we missed any with him. 

I love this one because I forget how much hair she had in the beginning! Look at her little perfect head. =)

The Sleeping Days

Kisses for my sweet pea

Still sleepy...

Holding my baby daughter. So sweet.

She finally woke up for these.

Big brother in awe of his baby sister. He truly loves her so much.

And the shot that I knew was coming sooner or later.....

Thanks, Becky, for such awesome photos that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. We miss you guys!!!



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