Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rodney & Jeanne Meet Maggie

Chad's dad, Rodney, and stepmom, Jeanne, were able to make a flight up to see us when Maggie was only 7 days old. It was their first visit to our new home, as well. I was pretty exhausted so they spent a lot of time with Chad and Maddox OUT of the house so I could take some naps. Maddox had cabin fever anyway, seeing as it was only the first week of January.

I was excited that Jeanne liked to use her camera a lot because there were finally some shots of ME!! I always wonder if my kids will look at our pictures and think, "Hmm. Where's Mommy?"

Here's Maggie on our ottoman in the family room. This was when we weren't afraid of her rolling off.....yet.

Jeanne relaxing.

Chad and Maddox in the kitchen. Just hanging out. This was before (I think) mine and Maddox's meltdown together. He was still enjoying the "newness" of Maggie.

Jeanne let Maddox use her camera. Here's his shot of me and Maggie and Gretchen. =)

Tiny little girl. (Not tiny for long.)

Maggie totally amazed by the camera, even as Grandpa Rodney tries to talk with her.

One of the fun things that Chad took them all to do with Maddox, was to feed the ducks at a nearby park. 

It was soooooooooooo cold on their trip here. I always hate trying to put kids in car seats with their huge monster winter coats on. So annoying.

I think that this shot was the first time that Maddox got to hold his sister all by himself. He was so excited, but said to me, "And if she cries, then Mommy will come get her and take her away!"

Such a little helper. While I was pregnant, we talked and talked about all the things he could do to help with Maggie if she cried. He totally took it to heart. At this early stage, every time she cried, he would run for the pacifier. Here he's telling her in a baby voice, "Open wide, Maggie, let me put the paci in."

Three generations of guys. On this day, Chad had taken them all down to his studio. We had been using this location for a little over a year, but they hadn't been here since he had moved there. 

Maddox playing drums at Chad's studio, Hippo Sound. This is where Maddox goes to work with his Daddy help me out.

The door to Hippo Sound. If you click on the picture, you can see our sign. My friend Sarah's husband, Dennis, designed that logo for us. He did a great job!

Back at home (during another of my nursing sessions), the grandparents played a game of Scrabble with Maddox. He adores board games & card games. We are nerds, but it's sooo much fun. 

I came downstairs to see what everyone was doing. It was so quiet. =)

Maggie was being her sweet newborn self.

Chad with Pride and Joy.

One morning, Maddox got to help Jeanne make pancakes in the kitchen. (I think I remember it being pancakes. My memory is still a little foggy.)

Rodney holding Maggie. 

Another shot of me, thanks to Maddox. I though he did a pretty good job on this one. 

I forget how many days that they were here. The first 4 weeks are sort of a blur. Haha! But I'm glad they got to see a newborn Maggie and get re-acquainted with Maddox after so long. Until next time....


baby Helena's mom said...

I wonder the same kids will never know what I look like! =)

Miss you and LOVE your blog as usual.

Alisa said...

Looks like you had a great visit! I love Chad's work sign, too. Where did he come up with the name? I'm glad you now have a few pictures of you. This is why I'm always taking pictures of the kids and I by doing "self shots". =)


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